Carali McCall

(Canada, b. 1981)

Available works by Carali McCall

 Artist Biography

Carali McCall is a London based artist whose practice is engaged in drawing and performance. Awarded her MFA at Slade School of Art, UCL and Ph.D. at Central Saint Martins UAL, she is currently an active member of research communities such as Sensingsite, Land2 and RUN! RUN! RUN!

Co-author of an upcoming publication, titled ‘Performance Drawing: New Practices since the 1960s McCall is involved in rigorous academic research and presents her work alongside a range of disciplines and fine art courses and collections. She has recently been awarded Arts Council England funding for the artwork, Run Vertical (Running up the side of a Building) and a Jerwood Drawing Prize Exhibition Finalist. 

Other notable exhibitions include: Hampstead AFF, London UK (2018), Monochrome at Woolff Gallery, London UK (2017), EMPIRE II@ Castello, Venice Italy (2017), during the 57thVenice Biennale, and Again and Again and Again: Serial Formats and Repetitive Actions, Vancouver Art Gallery, Canada, (2012).

About Work no. 1 (Circle Drawing)

Work no. 1 (Circle Drawing) is a series that encapsulates the foundational work of using the body and energy to create durational artworks. It is part of the developing and emerging movement of performance drawing.

McCall began her ‘Circle Drawing' artworks in 2004 where she focuses on the durational element and physical process of drawing. Using graphite on paper she draws her full arm's length in a continuous circular motion to the point of complete exhaustion. 

During this physically demanding process, her position and ability to extend the arm diminishes to the extent she can no longer hold the graphite. McCall quotes, 'an important aim is to maintain a constant and continuous visible line that embodies time and energy. While performing, painfully, my entire body is noticeably putting effort into the drawing.' This intense action and durational element often cause the paper to fatigue and rip, which is often identified as her distinctive trademark. 

In McCall’s new addition to the series, materials such as Gold and Gouache are used to treat the surface and bring another layer of reference to important art historical processes. The combination of these new materials and grand scale of this practice, make McCall’s work particularly striking.


Carali McCall Online Performance: Work no. 1 (Circle Drawing) 2017 London, UK.